Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Loki & ButterScotch 'Destable Monotony EP'

1. Afterthought
2. Step Up
3. Murky
4. Pacific Heights
5. Undergroung Skit
6. Underground feat Respek BA
7. Spanish Joint

Bring Da Ruckus


Thursday, 17 April 2008

Loki & Scatabrainz - A Darker Shade of Summer In Elseworld

Some sick Scottish hip hop . More info coming soon .

01 . To Begin
02 . Simply Because (skit)
03 . Bag of Sunshine feat, Bluhnt
04 . Lord Muck
05 . Relax (skit)
06 . Yass Man feat. Archie Bishop
07 . Sleeping Giant feat Marrik Layden Deft
08 . Life Goes On feat Skribbo, Gasp & Scatabrainz


Friday, 11 April 2008

New Dusty Crates Radio Show


SonnyJim ft. Soweto Kinch, Kashmere and Logan - Dying Breed (Dented)
Ghostface - Charlie Brown REMIX (Starks)
Kidz In The Hall ft. Bun B and Talib Kweli - Work To Do Remix (Duck Down)
Black Grass ft. J Live - Set It Straight (Cat Skills)
Million Dan - Futuristic (Million Dappa)
State Property - Live In Effect (white)
Joe Blow - Fake Purses (Dial Up)
Mickey Factz ft. N.E.R.D - Don't Be Light (white)
Royce Da 5'9 and Obie Trice - Success Dub (white)
J Rawls and Middlechild - Thankful (Polar)
Vast Aire and Vordul - MEcca and The Ox
Atmosphere - Good Daddy (Rhymesayers)
Mr Drastick ft. TB - Broken Mans Dream (MDM)
Triple Darkness - Gods Of The New Millenium (Higher Heights)
Ghostface - Clips (Starks)
Caltroit - Its Caltroit (white)

The Dusty Crates blog

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The Red Ants 'Videos & Reviews'

The Red Ants have just released their 2nd album 'Omega Point' , superb dark production from 'Vincent Price' and serious lyrics from one of my favorite mc 'Modulok'. Check out their myspace and web page , I'll have some cd's in the uk soon and they will be up for sale on the Bare Records site.

'Dirty Space Alchemy'


'Black Cloud'