Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The Kemistry 'The Kemistry' EP

Our EP Is out now on Itunes . More digital stores are being added now .

The Kemistry have put together a little ep that showcases their sound in 20 minutes, with an album completed in the pipeline this trio is going to make waves. With Bare Beats and Smokey's heavy hard hitting beats, made with provoked passion and Kemi's soulful & sometimes dark lyrics make this little ep the perfect introduction to 'The Kemistry' and with the aim of making a series of albums this group are definitely something to look out for.

01. Searching
02. Window
03. Greed & Arrogance
04. Shrinking Fear
05. Mascot

Digital Only Release

The Kemistry - The Kemistry

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Jimmy Crackstar - Teeth Ep

This is a sick lil' self produced ep from Jimmy Crackstar . ! .


1. Teeth
2. The Bad Side of Being Good
3. Talk is Cheap ft Pez
4. Mother Sun Complex
5. You Don't Have to Listen Interlude
6. On My Mind
7. Popular Vultures ft Imranimal
8. We All Fall

*Bonus Track* - 36 Reasons

All produced, mixed etc by Jimmy Crackstar, except 36 Reasons which uses the instrumental from Nine - Watchu Want.

Download Here

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Undercurrent - Crisis Talks - The Mix Tape

The new Undercurrent website is now up and running! drop by and check it out. For those of you who dont know, Undercurrent Baron Samedi and Lixx The Warrior. They let us have a 18 track dope mixtape for free .

Tracklist for Crisis Talks - The Mixtape:

1. Push My Product *
2. Like Us (feat. Sonnyjim & 777)
3. Godless
4. Bare Wimmin'
5. Denz
6. Rear View
7. Kick In The Door
8. Brothers Grimm*
9. Killing Spree (feat. Logan)
10. Hold U Down
11. Knocked Up
12. Chamber Zero (feat. Jabbathakut)*
13. Up In Smoke*
14. Gamblers Anonymous **
15. Paratroopers (feat. Grit Grammar)
16. Dark Marvel Part II
17. We Got...
18. Big Shots

* - produced by Baron Samedi
** - produced by Mr Libel