Thursday, 15 April 2010

Best of Devin The Dude mixed by Dj Eleven

He's one slick dude, and thanks to for dropping this little gem on the interwebs . He's got a new album dropping soon so go cop that ish !!

The Dude
It’s A Shame feat. Pooh Bear
Ain’t That A B-tch feat. UGK
F-ck Faces feat. Scarface & Too $hort
I Don’t Chase Em’ feat. Snoop Dogg
Thinkin’ Boutchu
I Can’t Make It Home
Where Can We Go
Fa Sho (P-ssy) feat. The Odd Squad
Your P-ssy’s Like Dope feat. The Odd Squad
Just A Man feat. Raphael Saadiq
Baby Phat feat. De La Soul
Dime A Dozen feat. CoughEE Brothaz
She Useta Be
What A Job feat. Andre 3000
F-ck You feat. Snoop Dogg
R & B (Reefer & Beer)
Too Cute feat. Erica Morton
The Mule feat. Z-Ro
Southside: Houston Texas feat. Scarface
Back Up Plan feat. Chamillionaire
4 O’Clock In Da Morning feat. Mddl Fngz & Bun B
Lacville ‘79
Doobie Ashtray
Sticky Green feat. Scarface
Do Whatcha Wanna Do

Download Here

You can find buy links & all his tour dates at

Mr . Boss - The Landing

‘The Landing’ is a free download LP from 18 year old London based producer Mr Boss. The album features many well known UK artists such as Dr Syntax, Sonny Jim and Skrein, as well as many others up and coming…

1.Sonny Jim – The Landing
2.Dirty Dike - Plenty More Piss In The Toilet
3.Them Lot – Young and Foolish
4.PrymarySource/Skrein – Armageddon
5.Freedom – Unknown Zone
6.Delusionists – Poison
7.Yosh/Cherri Prince - Gutter Puddles
8.Dr Syntax – Careful What You Wish For
9.JakaBoski - Bonzai Interlude
10.Chango Flash – Understand
11.Sandman - The Unknown
12.JakaBoski/Freedom/JollyJay – The Death of Music

Download Here

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