Thursday, 15 April 2010

Mr . Boss - The Landing

‘The Landing’ is a free download LP from 18 year old London based producer Mr Boss. The album features many well known UK artists such as Dr Syntax, Sonny Jim and Skrein, as well as many others up and coming…

1.Sonny Jim – The Landing
2.Dirty Dike - Plenty More Piss In The Toilet
3.Them Lot – Young and Foolish
4.PrymarySource/Skrein – Armageddon
5.Freedom – Unknown Zone
6.Delusionists – Poison
7.Yosh/Cherri Prince - Gutter Puddles
8.Dr Syntax – Careful What You Wish For
9.JakaBoski - Bonzai Interlude
10.Chango Flash – Understand
11.Sandman - The Unknown
12.JakaBoski/Freedom/JollyJay – The Death of Music

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