Tuesday, 16 December 2008

'The Earlier Escapades of Willo Wispa'

Taken from my other favourite label Associated Minds blog . This needs to be listened too, one of the sickest mc's to come out this country has blessed us with a free ep . . . Beats .

Yes Yes Preachers of the Gospel. We come like wise-men, but not from the East. And we come baring some festive gifts for you.

After some stand out guest appearances this year on a whole heap of critically acclaimed releases including Sir Smurf Lil's 'New Bloodline' LP, Evil Ed's & Conspicuous LP and Mudmowth's 'Circus In The Cemetery' 12" people are talking about Willo Wispa.

No one, and we mean NO ONE, spits like him. Simple as.

And so before we release his 'Wot's Willo On!?!' LP in early 2009 (that'll feature a whole heap of the countries best producers and a few choice guest emcees) we thought we'd let the world know why we wanted to work up with London's own true drunken master.

So we put together 'The Earlier Escapades of Willo Wispa.' If you read the liner notes included they'll explain it all - but we dug around other peoples archives to pull out the roughs and rares of tracks that kinda deserved get out there more - but are either sold out on vinyl or seemingly lost on peoples dead equipment - that made us wanna work with him so much. It's only tip of the iceberg stuff but it gives the world the start of the experience that is listening to Willo Wispa.



Friday, 12 December 2008

Hokey Religions & Ancient Weapons Release Party

The release of the Hand’Solo Records mixtape Hokey Religions & Ancient Weapons (are no match for a good blaster) was celebrated with a live show featuring performances by Wordburglar, More Or Les, Noah 23, Baracuda, Royce Birth and Brockway Biggs. Luckily, Alex Stephens was in the house with all of his gear and he has made his audio recording of the show available to us. So, being the kind folks that we are, Hand’Solo Records has decided to take our favourite songs from the show and offer them up as a free download.
Check the tracklisting below for a few samples.


1. Brockway Biggs - Pinch Hitter
2. Brockway Biggs - Shake Your Caboose
3. Royce Birth - Return to the Essence
5. Royce Birth - Turn Em Around
7. Noah 23 - Resistance
8. Noah 23 - Freestyle featuring Baracuda
9. Noah 23 - Rusty Robots featuring Baracuda
10. Red Ants - Black Cloud
12. Red Ants - Dirty Space Alchemy
13. Red Ants - Insomnia
14. Red Ants - Keep Your Satellites Out of My Brain
15. More Or Les - Eat Your Food
16. More Or Les - Sucka Word
18. Wordburglar - Intro/Spoken Language
19. Wordburglar - Hat Trick
21. Wordburglar - Sayin’ Raps
22. Wordburglar - Spit Fresh featuring More Or Les
23. Wordburglar - Freestyle featuring More Or Les

* Recorded on Wednesday, May 14th, 2008 at The Rivoli in Toronto by Alex Stephens (alexanderstephens@hotmail.com).

For more crazy photography from the show, check out Jon B’s Photo Mission as published online by UGSMag.com at http://ugsmag.com/features/photo-mission/handsolo-records-hokey-religions-ancient-weapons-release-party/.

And if you like what you hear live, check out the Hokey Religions & Ancient Weapons mixtape as mixed by Uncle Fester at http://handsolorecords.com/hokey-religions-mix/ where you can download it for free; or if you’d like to own your very own copy you can find the link to purchase a physical copy from CD Baby.

Big thanks to the artists involved for providing the entertainment:

Extra special thanks to Wordburglar for hosting, More Or Les for acting as resident DJ for the whole night, and Fresh Kils for banging away so deligently on the MPC. And of course, to the staff at The Rivoli, Alex S and Jon B for documenting the event, Leif for manning the front door and Yoko of Momiji clothing company, who stood diligently by the merch booth all night long.