Tuesday, 16 December 2008

'The Earlier Escapades of Willo Wispa'

Taken from my other favourite label Associated Minds blog . This needs to be listened too, one of the sickest mc's to come out this country has blessed us with a free ep . . . Beats .

Yes Yes Preachers of the Gospel. We come like wise-men, but not from the East. And we come baring some festive gifts for you.

After some stand out guest appearances this year on a whole heap of critically acclaimed releases including Sir Smurf Lil's 'New Bloodline' LP, Evil Ed's & Conspicuous LP and Mudmowth's 'Circus In The Cemetery' 12" people are talking about Willo Wispa.

No one, and we mean NO ONE, spits like him. Simple as.

And so before we release his 'Wot's Willo On!?!' LP in early 2009 (that'll feature a whole heap of the countries best producers and a few choice guest emcees) we thought we'd let the world know why we wanted to work up with London's own true drunken master.

So we put together 'The Earlier Escapades of Willo Wispa.' If you read the liner notes included they'll explain it all - but we dug around other peoples archives to pull out the roughs and rares of tracks that kinda deserved get out there more - but are either sold out on vinyl or seemingly lost on peoples dead equipment - that made us wanna work with him so much. It's only tip of the iceberg stuff but it gives the world the start of the experience that is listening to Willo Wispa.



Friday, 12 December 2008

Hokey Religions & Ancient Weapons Release Party

The release of the Hand’Solo Records mixtape Hokey Religions & Ancient Weapons (are no match for a good blaster) was celebrated with a live show featuring performances by Wordburglar, More Or Les, Noah 23, Baracuda, Royce Birth and Brockway Biggs. Luckily, Alex Stephens was in the house with all of his gear and he has made his audio recording of the show available to us. So, being the kind folks that we are, Hand’Solo Records has decided to take our favourite songs from the show and offer them up as a free download.
Check the tracklisting below for a few samples.


1. Brockway Biggs - Pinch Hitter
2. Brockway Biggs - Shake Your Caboose
3. Royce Birth - Return to the Essence
5. Royce Birth - Turn Em Around
7. Noah 23 - Resistance
8. Noah 23 - Freestyle featuring Baracuda
9. Noah 23 - Rusty Robots featuring Baracuda
10. Red Ants - Black Cloud
12. Red Ants - Dirty Space Alchemy
13. Red Ants - Insomnia
14. Red Ants - Keep Your Satellites Out of My Brain
15. More Or Les - Eat Your Food
16. More Or Les - Sucka Word
18. Wordburglar - Intro/Spoken Language
19. Wordburglar - Hat Trick
21. Wordburglar - Sayin’ Raps
22. Wordburglar - Spit Fresh featuring More Or Les
23. Wordburglar - Freestyle featuring More Or Les

* Recorded on Wednesday, May 14th, 2008 at The Rivoli in Toronto by Alex Stephens (alexanderstephens@hotmail.com).

For more crazy photography from the show, check out Jon B’s Photo Mission as published online by UGSMag.com at http://ugsmag.com/features/photo-mission/handsolo-records-hokey-religions-ancient-weapons-release-party/.

And if you like what you hear live, check out the Hokey Religions & Ancient Weapons mixtape as mixed by Uncle Fester at http://handsolorecords.com/hokey-religions-mix/ where you can download it for free; or if you’d like to own your very own copy you can find the link to purchase a physical copy from CD Baby.

Big thanks to the artists involved for providing the entertainment:

Extra special thanks to Wordburglar for hosting, More Or Les for acting as resident DJ for the whole night, and Fresh Kils for banging away so deligently on the MPC. And of course, to the staff at The Rivoli, Alex S and Jon B for documenting the event, Leif for manning the front door and Yoko of Momiji clothing company, who stood diligently by the merch booth all night long.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The Kemistry 'The Kemistry' EP

Our EP Is out now on Itunes Amazon.com Emusic.com . More digital stores are being added now .

The Kemistry have put together a little ep that showcases their sound in 20 minutes, with an album completed in the pipeline this trio is going to make waves. With Bare Beats and Smokey's heavy hard hitting beats, made with provoked passion and Kemi's soulful & sometimes dark lyrics make this little ep the perfect introduction to 'The Kemistry' and with the aim of making a series of albums this group are definitely something to look out for.

01. Searching
02. Window
03. Greed & Arrogance
04. Shrinking Fear
05. Mascot

Digital Only Release


The Kemistry - The Kemistry

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Jimmy Crackstar - Teeth Ep

This is a sick lil' self produced ep from Jimmy Crackstar . ! .


1. Teeth
2. The Bad Side of Being Good
3. Talk is Cheap ft Pez
4. Mother Sun Complex
5. You Don't Have to Listen Interlude
6. On My Mind
7. Popular Vultures ft Imranimal
8. We All Fall

*Bonus Track* - 36 Reasons

All produced, mixed etc by Jimmy Crackstar, except 36 Reasons which uses the instrumental from Nine - Watchu Want.

Download Here

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Undercurrent - Crisis Talks - The Mix Tape

The new Undercurrent website is now up and running! drop by and check it out. For those of you who dont know, Undercurrent Baron Samedi and Lixx The Warrior. They let us have a 18 track dope mixtape for free .

Tracklist for Crisis Talks - The Mixtape:

1. Push My Product *
2. Like Us (feat. Sonnyjim & 777)
3. Godless
4. Bare Wimmin'
5. Denz
6. Rear View
7. Kick In The Door
8. Brothers Grimm*
9. Killing Spree (feat. Logan)
10. Hold U Down
11. Knocked Up
12. Chamber Zero (feat. Jabbathakut)*
13. Up In Smoke*
14. Gamblers Anonymous **
15. Paratroopers (feat. Grit Grammar)
16. Dark Marvel Part II
17. We Got...
18. Big Shots

* - produced by Baron Samedi
** - produced by Mr Libel


Friday, 3 October 2008

Just Above The Blues

OK so here it is... the 'Just Above The Blues' EP . This small project is a collaboration between Millennium Jazz Music & No Long Ting Productions as they bring you an EP inspired by the very unfortunate going ons with many of our young people that live and die by gun and knife crime.

01 Prevention Enforcement & Punishment (Intro) - Feat Gadget
02 Death Pours - Feat LeeN MSJ Klarity Ama & KyraUK
03 Free Our Minds - Feat Klarity Serocee & KyraUK
04 Idle Minds - Feat Serocee LeeN & KyraUK
05 Finding Me (Outro) - Feat Gadget

All tracks produced by Gadget for Millennium Jazz Music
All tracks mixed and mastered by J-LeeN for No Long Ting Productions
except track 05, mixed by Gadget.

All graphics designed by Fraser Lyness for Millennium Jazz Music

Friday, 19 September 2008

Dubar - Subtle Relections Mixtape

Dub's is the newest recruit on the Cut Above roster... a nice free mix tape with some fine uk production .

1. Release Me - ft Magishan and Suicyde
2. Smoke & Mirrors - ft Jabba Tha Kut
3. Sorrow
4. If - ft Suicyde
5. I Don't Wanna Lose You
6. Worse Intentions - ft Suicyde
7. Kings
8. Been a Long Time
9. Woman's Work
10. Allies - ft Magishan & Suicyde
11. Subtle Reflections
12. 2 2 Smile - ft Swift It Major
13. Graveyard - ft Suicyde
14. Corner Streets
15. Limelights - ft Magishan and Suicyde
16. Drop The Metal - ft Mikey T
17. Little Bruv Big Sis

Rapidshare Link You Send It Link

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Modulok & Bare Beats 'Two Cities'

One path, different streets: this summarizes the new collaborative project between Modulok, the Toronto-based emcee most notorious for his work as one half of Red Ants, and Bare Beats, the London-based beatsmith and respected veteran of the British hip-hop scene whose trademark sound has become synonymous with the record label he fronts, Bare Records. Modulok's grime poet lyricism and brass knuckle flows have found a perfect home with Bare Beat's smoked out, jazz-tinged, head-snapping tracks, creating a sound that is dark, abrasive, and reminiscent of the classic east coast hip-hop of the early-mid 90s. Two Cities is tough, raw and unrefined - yet behind the murky atmosphere of broken glass and microphone battling is a thought-provoking exegesis on the plight of the individual trapped in the modern day city.

Track Listing :

1, Intro ft, Wireless
2, Happiness ft, Jabba Tha Kut
3, City ft, Apollo Creed & Jabba Tha Kut
4, Trouble ft, Perry Scaramanga, Kal Sereousz & Smokey
5, Grimy
6, Taste ft, Baracuda
7, Stories ft, Jabba Tha Kut
8, People ft, Jabba Tha Kut
9, Assassin
10, Origin

'Two Cities' Hangs together perfectly as a document of the current hip hip underground" K Mag

"..it is great to get a glimpse of the man behind the emcee, a feat which is made possible thanks in large part to the gloomy production of Bare Beats, who also deserves credit for his creativity and great sample choices." Thomas Quinlan

"Modulok and Bare Beats are concise and straight to the point in a way, let’s face it, most MCs can’t even silently wave a mic at." British Hip Hop

"With a good mix of dusty jazz, 50’s film suspense music and punchy drums Bare Beats creates a concrete foundation for Canadian MC Modulok." Certified Bangers

myspace : Modulok & Beats

Available to buy now @ Bare Records

Music video for 'Terrible' by Modulok (Red Ants) produced by Bare Beats, filmed in Guyana on Super 8mm.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Clarity - The Propaganda Pulse

Clarity is a sick mc and the production is really nice , here's a lil' blurb that I nicked from a post on UKHH

Ok here we have the debut LP from the SFDB veteren Clarity. After a 4 year hiatus uk rapper Clarity returns with his long antisipated debut LP the Propaganda Pulse. The concept of the album works well with the dark style of beats which have all been crafted by the Krate Krusaders for this project. The album features guest spots from Farma G of the uk supergroup TaskForce, northern rapper and zebra traffic veteran Cappo, Conrad Watts and Louis Bostonne from Cardiff based label SFDB (rip), Devi from allied forces and Danz an up and comming kent based rapper!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The Afeeliated - The Threshold Session

01 - Take No Prisoners
02 - Time Is The Enemy
03 - Word To The Wise

One of my favourite groups to drop lately, a bit unheard of over in the UK . Try and get hold of their mix tape 'Saving the City Vol 1' - Some serious hip-hop . This lil' download is three tracks they were giving away for free .

Monday, 28 July 2008

Flash 4Dem - Mega Free Dumb Shit

Production is handle by Lee Scott - A nice lil' ep to chill out too.
01 . Look Pal
02 . Attention Citizens
03 . Swamp Music
04 . Mail Clerk
05 . Squid of the Damned ft, Cervantis
06 . Bolt Cutters ft, Mr Wrong & Bill Shakes
07 . Open Mic Night Bully

Enjoy !

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Bare Beats 'A Spare Minute'

1. WhatUp Intro
2. Bad Men Like Nice ft, Modulok
3. Psychic Dictatorship Remix ft, Modulok
4. Insomia Remix ft, Modulok
5. Keep Me Awake Remix ft, 777
6. Can't Turn the Hands Back ft, Beit Nun
7. Mascot ft, Kemi & Smokey
8. Turn ft, Smokey

With the up and coming release of Modulok & Bare Beats 'Two Cities', Beats is dropping a free promo cd & digital download of some exclusive tracks and remixes. 8 Tracks deep, this mini album is straight up head nodding magic, Beats keeping it raw & gritty as always with all the mc’s fitting the project tightly.

Bare Beats & Modulok 'Two Cities'

Street Release 5th August 2008 / Digital Release 26th August 2008

Check Modulok & Beats Myspace for more info .

Bare Records

Sendspace Rapidshare Link

Friday, 18 July 2008

Dark Circle - The Grey Niklz ep

One of my favourite groups from back in the day when I was selling uk hip hop all over . They released their debut album on Jazz Fudge, which now has sadly shut it doors . Before they went their separate ways they dropped this free ep, very abstract compare to their album 'Civilians', but still sick none the less . Do ya research and get their album .

Thursday, 26 June 2008


Some Bristolian hip hop, real nice production & tight lyrics . Definately worth a check.

1) Baby Don't Fight It
2) Hooded Yoot
3) Slowmo ft. D-Fens
4) Bogart Bob
5) Universal Mindstate
6) Drug Abusive Muses
7) Unemployment
8) Love the World
9) Poor Man's Hip-Hop
10) No Rest


QELD is jenre and Bob Savage.all tracks produced by jenre.

all lyrics by jenre and bob savage. except one verse by d-fens innit.


Monday, 2 June 2008

The double A side videos taken from Metabeats - 'Metaphysical'

Whilst some people are worrying about the demise of the goodness, Associated Minds are just focusing on having fun and making the good shit. Some tasty treats for you...

The double A side videos taken from Metabeats' heavyweight debut 'Metaphysical' LP

Live & Let Live.

F*ck With Me.

The LP is available at all good record stores or online @ HMV, iTunes, Amazon etc or direct from us nice folk at www.associatedminds.com/store

Big up to Mayor & everyone at Associated Minds one of the best uk labels full stop.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Hand'Solo Presents : Hokey Religions & Ancient Weapons

Hand'Solo Records have just released their first mixtape... With a mix of classics and exclusives, this mixtape is perfect as an introduction to Hand'Solo Records or as a supplement to those already familiar with the label. Give the mixtape a listen, and if you like it pass the link around...

Featuring : Buck 65, Sixtoo, Moka Only, Word Burgurglar, Epic, Touch, Eternia, More of Les, Birdapres, Tachichi, Ira Lee, Noah 23, Fritz the Cat, Mindbender, Vangel, Jesse Dangerously, Modulok, Lexington, Fortunato, Royce Birth, Royal T, Dis4bled, Bucket of Gold Teeth, Eczircles, Big Ref, CasIno, Esh, Megalynk 4, Myf, Suika and the return of Knowelf and Mackenzie.

You need to check this out some serious hip hop . Much respect to Hand'Solo for the freeness.

Download: http://handsolorecords.com/hokey-religions-mix/

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Tor - Beatz in the Capital

- Jacked from Certified Bangers Blogspot . Check it out some real nice info and samples on there, plus this sick free release from Tor . Pz . Beats

More free music! This is really catching on innit? This is a promotional tool for Tor's forthcoming long player, and by golly, I must just buy it so impressive is this mixdownload (it aint or tape or CD). 'Beats International: Journey To The Album' is apparently due to drop in June so we can all save our pennies and bump this until then. 'Beatz...' is nice introduction to the East London born MC. There are some 'freestyles' (read 'verses over other beats') and some remixes and together these make for a showcase of her skills.

Beats are chosen well; my favourite has to be her wonderful take on Wu-Tang's 'M.E.T.H.O.D. Man' and tracks from Lupe, Baby J and TI also get blessed. The remix of 'Strivin' by DJ Mentat is top class stuff and it features a pretty chilled out Klashnekoff. Faith SFX also busts some beatboxing as Tor raps quite jawdroppingly on 'Faith SFX Jam'. Following Bashy's success with 'Black Boy's' Tor has recorded, yes you guessed it, 'Black Girls' and its proper.

If you're in Japan you get to pick up the album next month but this mix should be enough for you now. And please don't be put off by the fact she's a female. I know there aren't many good ones but there are a few and Tor is one of them. Take notice of this girl because she out-raps most of your favourite MC's. Respect.

Certified Bangers Blogspot

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Loki & ButterScotch 'Destable Monotony EP'

1. Afterthought
2. Step Up
3. Murky
4. Pacific Heights
5. Undergroung Skit
6. Underground feat Respek BA
7. Spanish Joint

Bring Da Ruckus


Thursday, 17 April 2008

Loki & Scatabrainz - A Darker Shade of Summer In Elseworld

Some sick Scottish hip hop . More info coming soon .

01 . To Begin
02 . Simply Because (skit)
03 . Bag of Sunshine feat, Bluhnt
04 . Lord Muck
05 . Relax (skit)
06 . Yass Man feat. Archie Bishop
07 . Sleeping Giant feat Marrik Layden Deft
08 . Life Goes On feat Skribbo, Gasp & Scatabrainz


Friday, 11 April 2008

New Dusty Crates Radio Show


SonnyJim ft. Soweto Kinch, Kashmere and Logan - Dying Breed (Dented)
Ghostface - Charlie Brown REMIX (Starks)
Kidz In The Hall ft. Bun B and Talib Kweli - Work To Do Remix (Duck Down)
Black Grass ft. J Live - Set It Straight (Cat Skills)
Million Dan - Futuristic (Million Dappa)
State Property - Live In Effect (white)
Joe Blow - Fake Purses (Dial Up)
Mickey Factz ft. N.E.R.D - Don't Be Light (white)
Royce Da 5'9 and Obie Trice - Success Dub (white)
J Rawls and Middlechild - Thankful (Polar)
Vast Aire and Vordul - MEcca and The Ox
Atmosphere - Good Daddy (Rhymesayers)
Mr Drastick ft. TB - Broken Mans Dream (MDM)
Triple Darkness - Gods Of The New Millenium (Higher Heights)
Ghostface - Clips (Starks)
Caltroit - Its Caltroit (white)

The Dusty Crates blog

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The Red Ants 'Videos & Reviews'

The Red Ants have just released their 2nd album 'Omega Point' , superb dark production from 'Vincent Price' and serious lyrics from one of my favorite mc 'Modulok'. Check out their myspace and web page , I'll have some cd's in the uk soon and they will be up for sale on the Bare Records site.


'Dirty Space Alchemy'


'Black Cloud'

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Talib Kweli & Mick Boogie present: The MCEO Mixtape

1. Mick Boogie and Talib Kweli: Intro
2. Talib Kweli f/ Busta Rhymes: Follow The Leader
3. Talib Kweli: Independent (Amadeus Remix)
4. Jean Grae: Think About It
5. Talib Kweli: Hard Faces
6. Interlude: Origins Of Blacksmith
7. Jean Grae: Mean
8. Strong Arm Steady f/ Planet Asia: A Problem
9. Talib Kweli: D’Evils 2008 (produced by 6th Sense)
10. Talib Kweli f/ Fly Union: Say That Again
11. Talib Kweli and Buckshot: Hold It Down
12. Interlude: MCEO Breakdown
13. Talib Kweli f/ Krondon and Phil Da Agony: Hunters
14. Jean Grae: Love Thirst
15. Talib Kweli and Phil Da Agony: Dat Piff
16. Interlude: Kweli speaks on Strong Arm Steady part 1
17. Strong Arm Steady: Stack It
18. Krondon: Big Homie
19. Interlude: KRS-One Speaks
20. Talib Kweli and KRS-One: The Perfect Beat
21. Talib Kweli, Nina Sky, Blu & Joell Ortiz: Hostile Gospel Remix
22. Interlude: Kweli speaks on Idle Warship
23. Idle Warship f/ MC Chris: Screamin’
24. Talib Kweli and Jean Grae: Thas Wassup Now
25. Interlude: Kweli speaks on Jean Grae
26. Jean Grae: Number Eight
27. Talib Kweli, Jean Grae and Ne-Yo: Hot Thing Remix
28. Talib Kweli and Dr. Cornel West: Bushonomics
29. Talib Kweli & Novel: I Am
30. Idle Warship: Industry Diary
31. Talib Kweli f/ UGK: Real Women
32. Talib Kweli: Outro



Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Dusty Crates Radio Show 10th March

Fat Joe and DJ Premier - Thank God For That White (Terror Squad)
Kashmere - Playin The Part (YNR)
Q Tip - Midnight 2008 (Smirnoff)
Jay Z ft. Mary J Blige and Swizz Beats - You're Welcome (Def Jam)
Conspiracy - Hands Up (white)
EMC - What Does It Stand For (white)
FROM THE CRATES: Non Phixion - Black Helicopters (Uncle Howie)
Scorzayzee - Scorz Chat (white)
The Roots ft. Peedi, Dice Raw and Jazzy Jeff - Get Busy (Def Jam)
Dizzee Rascal ft. UGK - Wheres Da G's El-P Remix (Def Jux)
Del The Funky Homosapien - Funky (white)
Kidz In The Hall - The Black Out (Duck Down)
Mighty Joseph and Madlib - Legend (white)
C.R.A.C - Love Don't (Tres)
Akrobatik ft. Chuck D - Kindred (Fat Beats)
Erykah Badu - Telephone (Universal)

Dusty Crates Podcast

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Jon Phonics - Half Past Calm

Jon Phonics Myspace

13 Exclusive tracks with T-Bear, M9, Cyrus Malarchi, Verb T, Fliptrix, Mr Drastick, Luc Skyz, Nine Planets, Sir Smurf Lil' and more. All tracks produced by Jon Phonics .

Z Share Net


Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The Roots - 75 Bars (MPG Video)

Rapidshare Link

Damu - Spare Time (Y-Society)

1. Last Ole - 2005
2.Rather Unique 2 - Instro 2005
3. Colorful Storms - Ruff Instro 2005
4. Damu - Leo The ... Part 1 - 2006
5. Coffee Table - 2005
6. Ego Trooping - 2005
7. What's Next - Damu Remix 1
8. 2004 Beat Original
9. Randi - 2006
10Work In Progress - Instro 2005
11. Pulse - Fudgemunk Instro 2006
12. To RBI - 2004
13. L.B. - 2005
14. Leo the... Part 2 - 2006
15. Colorful Storms - Final Mix 2005
16. Pulse - Fudgemunk Remix 2006
17. Rather Unique 2 - 2005
18. Work In Progress - Damu Remix 2005
19. Paranoid - Japanese LP Bonus Track

Playing Time.........: 01:07:30
Total Size...........: 98,17 MB

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Bare Beats & Modulok 'Terrible'

Music video for 'Terrible' by Modulok (Red Ants) produced by Bare Beats, filmed in Guyana on Super 8mm.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Imranimal 'The Rum Monster Collection'

This ten track cd is all the old stuff that imranimal has had lying around.... if that doesnt make you wanna download it then i dont know what will.
1.get skankin
2.pet hates
3.maggies theme
4.time keeps running away
5.demon impulse
6.the disposables
7.perfect day
8.heavens above
9.something amusing
10.vocal science


Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Dusty Crates Radio Show 28th Jan

Check out the free radio show over @ http://dustycratesradio.blogspot.com/ .


N.E.R.D - Everybody Nose (Star Trak / Virgin)
Kidz In The Hall - Drivin Down The Block (Rawkus)
Chester P - Suicide Switch (Chessmonsta)
Black Milk and Bishop Lamont ft. Royce 5'9 and Ras Kass - Go Hard (white)
Kanye West and DJ Premier - A Million and One Questions (Rocafella)
Foxy Brown - Star Cry (Koch)
Termanology ft. Royce 5'9, Akrobatik, Consequence and Crooked I - Music Industry Remix
Jay Electronica and Madlib - Extra Extra (Control Freaq)
Kenn Starr, 9th Wonder and Haysoos - Sum Ish For D Ellis (white)
Pete Rock ft. Royal Flush - Questions (Nature Sounds)
3Face - Different World (Gold Seal)
Big Noyd - Snitches (Koch)
Sway - F Ur X (Dcypha)
Guilty Simpson - Gettin Bitches (Stones Throw)
Buckshot and 9th Wonder - Go All Out (Duck Down)
Black Milk and Bishop Lamont - Inconvenient Truth (white)
FROM THE CRATES: Slick Rick - It's A Boy (Large Pro Remix) (Def Jam)

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Mudmowth ' The Most Colourful Years'

Associated Minds are giving away this exclusive Mudmowth track 'The Most Colourful Years' look out for Mudmowth 'Circus In The Cemetery 12" dropping soon . Download Here

Also check out 'Metabeats - Metaphysical' . http://www.associatedminds.com/ “Metabeats’ debut will surely go down as one of the year’s top LPs” HHC

Monday, 21 January 2008

Bare Beats 2007 Favourites Part 1

I have just put together some tracks from last year that I was feeling. More too come in Part 2 . If you like it, go out and buy it . Pz

1. Backward - Mac Lethal
2. As the Globe Turns - Mr SoS
3. Planz - Nemisis & Arrogance ft, Twink Blu
4. Dead Superstars - Shameless ft, Paddyragga Band
5. Ordinary - Conspicious
6. Shade of Grey (bonus track) - Braile
7. The Story - Jean Grea
8. Earth - Mf Grimm
9. Open Relationship - Mc Abdominal
10. Misunderstood - Common
11. Windmill - Wu Tang Clan
12. Too Many Hopes - Input
13. Cold Hearted - Blu & Exile
14. Things I Dream - Cunninlyguists
15. At My Own Pace - Y Society
16. I Don't Care - Sandpeople


Friday, 18 January 2008

Scatabrainz 'Moonlight Music'

Bring Da Ruckus is a web site providing free Scottish hip hop . I grabbed this the other day, and its a sick lil' cd real chill out hip hop, check out the rest of their site some serious heavy stuff . Pz

Bring Da Ruckus Site

1. Intro
2. Govinda
3. Zone Out
4. Lookin Up
5. Luna Synthesis
6. Life is a Dance ft Marrick Layden Deft
7. Unearthly (skit)
8. Across The Room ft Loki
9. Moodiswarm
10. Light (remix) ft Ash Promise
11. Expect Nothing
12. Cold World ft Krash Slaughta
13. Without You
14. Time To Meditate
15. Chillin'strumental
16. Fantastic Planet
17. Outro

Scatabrainz 'Moonlight Music'

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Bif of UK history for you! Its Big Ted & Shortee Blitz show recorded from 30.01.02. The first part is Sundragon, MK, Harry Love, Jehst, Kyza & Mr Lawson live in the studio promoting 'Its All Live' and then spitting it live. Part 2 is an interview with Mystro & Blufoot and then a freestyle sesh with all the MCs.

- Thanks to Step One for providing this . Pz

Kiss FM - part 1 - 30.01.02
Kiss FM - part 2 - 30.01.02

Monday, 14 January 2008

The Lost Generation 'Infinite Potential'

Free mix tape from The Lost Generation . Heavy ish .


01. intro
02. who's 2 blame
03. walk with the dead
04. misjudged ft, laing
05. nothing to write
06. uncomplete
07. old news
08. i don't give a...
09. the reform
10. catch 22
11. d.i.t.d ft, ras supa
12. heat
13. handle with care
14. mistakes
15. blue world ft, taharka
16. a lost generation
17. absurd
18. have you ever
19. poor survive ft, j.buds and mic lazy
20. alone with my thoughts
21. but now


The Lost Generation ft, Regiimental 'Everything So Clear'

Rustyjukebox presents...
The Lost Generation Ft. Reggiimental
Everything So Clear


01. Intro
02. Hold Ya Head
03. Grown Man
04. Let Me Be
05. Blacklist
06. No Time to Waste
07. Give me Strength
08. The Key
09. Never
10. Outro



Thursday, 10 January 2008

Shedmen - Boyz in the Wood

shedmen released boyz in the wood in 2006
shedmen are from huddersfield
imranimal raps
addverse raps
mista illas makes beats and djs

01. intro
02. public transport
03. partners in wine
04. table manners
05. test me? ft, chubby alcoholic
06. something amusing
07. mad music
08. a homage
09. back in 85'
10. the lone strangers


Bare Records ' What the Fuk'

1 intro (the hill) - general knowledge, smokey & perry scaramanga
2 world is mine - smokey
3 what the fuk - smokey & perry scaramanga
4 what the skit 1 - bobby drake
5 people - modulok & bare beats ft, jabba tha kut
6 banger - the phobia
7 perpetual spacewalk - smokey
8 what the skit 2
9 choke n’ rob - modulok
10 outro (slinging bars)- perry scaramanga

bare recs myspace



Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Mr Dark , Skeptic & Jid Sames - Dustybricks ep

Label : Main Rock Records

01 . Intro
02. Mr Dark & Jid Sames - 40 Bricks
03. Skeptic & Jid Sames - Sentence Boxing
04. Industry
05. Mr Dark & Skeptic - Dust Angels
06. Elephant Teeth
07. Mr Dark & Skeptic - Siren

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Buck 65 Dirty Work Ep

5 song digital EP called "Dirty Work". Released via his Myspace page.

01_Indestructable Sam.
02_Days On End.
03_Death Of Me.
04_Heather Nights.
05_Dirty Work.