Thursday, 25 February 2010

Dessa - 'A Badly Broken Code' (Doomtree)

An amazing voice filled with amazing poetry and by far superior production from your average record, you can hear the Doomtree sound filter all the way through this. I think its going be one of the album’s that stay with you for the rest of life as it just works. I’d say order this ish and support some amazing talent.

This can be ordered direct from Doomtree for $15.98 (£10.27) including postage to the UK !!

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Monday, 22 February 2010

Clarity - Social Distortion EP

The Krate Krusaders Present; Clarity-'The Socail Distortion EP

1 Enemies Skit
2 Singular Thread
3 The Book of Creation
4 Shalom
5 All in the mind
6 Sum Skit
7 Smile
8 Shalom Remix

Download Here

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Beastie Boys - Brooklyn Dust (Jimbo Jones Mix)

Jimbo Jones hits the interweb with another amazing mix this time its all about the Beastie Boys, which for the older heads is something that will back them memories ..

Exclusive blends, some classic remixes, some guest spots, a couple of hard-to-find demos / alternate versions and some guest appearances from Def Squad, Q-Tip, Nas, Jay-Z, De La Soul, Milk D and B-Real.

The Beastie Boys Mixtape
(exclusive blends marked with a *)

1. Intro
2. *Too Many Haters ft Nas
3. Root Down (Prunes remix)
4. *Rhyme Nostalgia
5. Body Movin (Def Squad remix) ft Erick Sermon, Redman + Biz Markie
6. *NY Scientists
7. Get It Together (Buckwild remix) ft Q-Tip
8. *Right Now Feel The Horns
9. Gratitude
10. Sabotage
11. Remote Control
12. *Disturbed Word
13. Squat - De La Soul ft Mike D + Adrock
14. Intergalactic ('94 demo)
15. *Jay-Unit
16. 4 Fly Guys ft Hurricane
17. *Insane B-Boys
18. Jay-Z Live Interlude
19. No Sleep Till Brooklyn (original mix)
20. 99 Problems (Just Blaze blend) - Jay-Z
21. *Stop That Black Mag
22. So What'cha Want? (Soul Assassins remix) ft B-Real
23. *Three The Nubian Way
24. *NY We Go Hard
25. Ricky's Theme
26. Shake Your Rump / Madlib remix
27. *Police Negotiation
28. *Turn Alive
29. *Ooh-Wee Check It
30. *Triple Rappers Delight ft Sugarhill Gang
31. *Me, Myself + My Lifestyle
32. Once Around The Corner (The Fowl Song)
33. Fight For Your Right To Party (alternate lyrics mix)
34. Something's Got To Give

Download BROOKLYN DUST here
Check more of Jimbo here : Jimbo Jones Blog

Monday, 1 February 2010

Jay Electornica - Victory Mix Tape

One of the sickest mix tapes from last year .. You need to grab this !!

Exhibit B Feat Mos Def
Walking J. Period Remix Feat Nneka
So What Cha Sayin
Scenario 2004
Something To Hold Onto
Poetry Interlude
Cool Relax feat Naledge
Trolley Stop
My World
Hard to Get feat Mr Porter
Extra Extra
Victory in my clutches
Swagger Jackson's Revenge
Just Begun - feat J. Cole,Talib Kweli & Mos Def
Uzi weighs a ton
Love czars feat Taraach
Posers Feat The New Royales
Billy Stewart - Cross My Heart
Exhibit C
Googly Eyes (LIVE)
Holiday feat Mos Def
***Bonus Track***
T.H.E. W.E.A.K. - Stick Up

Download Here

Bare Beats - Soundcloud

Latest tracks by barebeats

Donnie Propa Present - The Best of Scorzayzee

Whether or not you're familiar with scor-zay-zee's stuff, you need this in your life !! One of the best mc's in the world ..

1. Archery (Produced by DJ Fever)
2. Wishmaster (Produced by DJ Fever)
3. The Looniest (Produced by Cappo)
4. We Dont Care (Produced by DJ Fever)
5. Raw (Produced by Nick Dimes Sterrett + Big Trev)
6. Bang Your Head (Produced by DJ Vadim)
7. Freestyle Frenzy (Produced by Joe Buhdha)
8. Want Whats Yours (Produced by Styly Cee)
9. 3 Wize Men (Produced by DJ Fever)
10. Reality (Accapella)
11. Freestyle (With Lee Ramsay + Karizma) (Produced by DJ Fever)
12. Blueberry Dreamhaze (Produced by Cappo)
13. The Beginning Of The End (With Lee Ramsay) (Produced by DJ Fever)
14. Accakela (With Lee Ramsay + Killa Kela)
15. Try (Produced by Nick Stez)
16. 3 Kings (Produced by The P Brothers)
17. Speak (With Cappo) (Produced by The Akai Professionals)
18. Take A Journey (With Sophie Johnson Hill) (Produced by Nick Stez + Big Trev)
19. No Pain, No Gain (With Cappo) (Produced by Styly Cee)
20. Mic Life (Produced by The Labratz)