Monday, 26 July 2010

Paper Tiger 'Made Like Us' (Doomtree)

Producer, beat maker extraordinaire Paper Tiger of the Doomtree collective just dropped ‘Made Like Us' his debut production album. An album that blesses your ears and forces you to shut your eyes while your mind wonders beyond the daily routines of life.

Not many beat makers could get away without having an extra vocal element added to their productions, but Paper Tiger just seems to know what works right. The few vocal features include Dessa (Doomtree), with her amazing voice on two tracks ‘Palace’ & ‘And the Camera’ also the feature of Maggie Morrison (Lookbook Music) on ‘The Painters Arm’ breaks down the album pace nicely.

If you like to escape for 40 minutes in a sound cape of beautiful production this is the album for you. It doesn’t break musical boundaries, but something this good doesn’t need to. I know as a producer in this hip hop world I shouldn’t be writing on a blog about how another producer has created an amazing record , but I couldn’t give a shit this album is gona be played to my cd player breaks ..

p.s. if you haven't clock Doomtree , get on it !!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Bare Radio on Basement Sessions (102)

The latest radio show .. Get on the download or the stream and then pass this mutha on !! B

The Bare is back with seriously dope beats, rhymes and blap to keep your I-Tunes, I-Pod wielding, Hip Hop infused head nodding all day long.

Recorded 17th July 2010

Check it Out

1 Talib Kweli & Hi Tek - This World
(Talib Kweli & Hi Tek - Revolutions Per Minute)
2 The Roots - How I Got Over ft, Dice Raw
(The Roots - How I Got Over)
3 Beautful Love - Vinnie Paz
(Vinnie Paz - Season of the Assassin)
4 Exile - Population Control
(Exile - Radio)
5 Kal Sereousz - See You
(Jon Phonics - Half Past Calm 2)
6 Teardrops - Skitz ft, Taskforce
(Skitz - The Skitzman Lp)
7 Brother Ali - Tight Rope
(Brother Ali - Us)
8 Johnson & Jonson - Hold on John
(Johnson & Jonson - Powders & Oils)
9 Little Brother - So Cold ft, Chaundon
(Little Brother - Leftback)
10 Grieves ft, Cunninlynguists - Heatstroke
(Grieves - The Confessions Of Mr. Modest)
11 Kal Sereousz - Work Brain
(Kal Sereousz - Terrorist City)
12 Smokey & Bobby Drake - Live
Beat 1 . Smokey Beat 2. Flying Lotus Beat 3. Bare Smoke
13 Invisible Inc - Paradise
(Invisible Inc - The Exit Strategy)
14 Bunny Sigler - Half a Man
(Bunny Sigler - I've Always Wanted to Sing... Not Just Write Songs)
15 Looptroop - New Day
16 87 Blimmy - Mac Lethal
(Mac Lethal - Love Potions 5)
17 The Black Keys - Too Afraid to Love You
(The Black Keys - Brothers)
18 The_Roots - Right On ft, Joanna Newsome
(The Roots - How I Got Over)
19 Paper Tiger ft, Dessa - Palace
(Paper Tiger - Made Like Us)
20 Astronautalis Avalanche Patrol
(Astronautalis - Pomegranate)
21 Astronautalis - The Story of my Life ft, P.O.S
(Astronautalis - Pomegranate)

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Cyrus Malachi – The Isis Papers MixTape

No Cure Records presents Cyrus Malachi – The Isis Papers mixtape - guest starring Melanin 9 and mixed and cut by DJ Switch & DJ Furious P

The mixtape is a prelude to his debut solo album “Ancient Future” (which is to be released in the autumn of this year) and brings harrowing street tales from his life and experiences growing up in Hackney. Malachi’s fellow triple darkness and orphans of Cush member, melanin 9, features heavily on the project.

Production comes from Beat Butcha, Jon Phonics, 7th Dan, Diplamat, Blastah and Endemic as well as being mixed by No Cure Records in house DJ team of DJ Switch (current world dmc champion) & DJ Furious P (world dmc team champion), bringing that real mixtape flavour that has become scarce in recent years.

1. Intro (prod Endemic)
2. Praying mantis
3. Millennium ft Melanin 9 & Crown Nectar [Triple Darkness] (prod Beat Butcha)
4. Bloodhounds ft Melanin 9 & Crown Nectar [Triple Darkness] (prod 7th Dan)
5. The hammered bracelet ft Melanin 9
6. 1000 daggers (prod Diplimat)
7. Robin hood theory freestyle (prod Endemic)
8. Captivity’s tear
9. Lion’s den (prod Jon Phonics)
10. Feathers of Tahiti ft Melanin 9
11. Redemption
12. 7 plagues (prod Blastah beats)
13. Politikin remix feat crown nectar & melanin 9 [Triple Darkness] (prod 7th Dan)
14. Hood Novelists ft Melanin 9 & Njeri Earth
15. Hell's Gate ft Melanin 9 & Crown Nectar [Triple Darkness]

Download Usershare Net
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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Jester Jacobs - More of the Sane

A real nice free 6 track download, get it now!

1. More Of The Sane
2. Douchebag With A Guitar
3. What's The Deal
4. Tea
5. Undeground
6. Knuckle Down

Video for Douchebad With a Guitar

Unstable Fabulists - Diss Tribute

A nice lil free ep , with some serious madness from the one and only Pez, features from 777 and Leen with the production handled real nice by Damo & Irn Mnky . Nice to hear something a lil' different in the UK scene !


6 Bitters
Trolley Rage
Take You Back
Walk with a Wobble On
On the Rack
Diss Tribute
Rinsed Beats
The Knock
Staying In

Download Here

Basement Sessions

Enjoy the show and if you like what you hear please be sure to cop the beautifully presented CD for pennies!

1. Delusionists Basement Sessions Intro
2. Lazy Habits - Memory Banks f. Miss Baby Sol
3. Saukrates - Wednesday f. Mystro & Loudmouth Melvin (UK Remix)
4. The Delusionists - Digital Connects (Produced by Jon Phonics)
5. Sonny Jim - The Purple Patch Part 2 (Produced by Apa-Tight)
6. True Ingredients - Who's Next (Radio Edit)
7. The Delusionists - 12 Letters (Produced by Kelakovski)
8. The Delusionists - Nature's Way
9. Tommy Evans - Silent Mobius (Produced by Harry Love)
10. Pat D - Good Times f. Eva Lazarus
11. The Delusionists - Supa Lyrical Excursion (Tom Caruana Remix)
12. Eric Lau - For The D f. Guilty Simpson
13. Prose - Running Man
14. The Delusionists - Kill Em Wit' The Flow (Remix)
15. Mr Loop - Suburban Hustler f. Ben Black of The Delusionists

1. Red - ILL vibes
2. Asaviour & IQ - No Days Off (Akira Kiteshi Remix) Instru.
3. Apollo Brown - Spoiled Coffee
4. Kev Brown - The Crowd
5. The Delusionists - Work
6. Freddie Jackson - Strawberries
7. Jagos - Slippers & A Bomber Jacket
8. Chief - Procession
9. Red - WAYT
10. Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble - Captain Coolout
11. Pete Rock & 9th Wonder - Shine on Me

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Fashawn - Ode To Illmatic

Fashawn does a nice lil' Ode to Nas's classic album 'Illmatic' .. Fashawn album 'Boy Meets World' which dropped in 2009 is still on constant rotation bare cage .. This is a sick lil ' ode / promo thing .. Get your download on ..