Monday, 26 July 2010

Paper Tiger 'Made Like Us' (Doomtree)

Producer, beat maker extraordinaire Paper Tiger of the Doomtree collective just dropped ‘Made Like Us' his debut production album. An album that blesses your ears and forces you to shut your eyes while your mind wonders beyond the daily routines of life.

Not many beat makers could get away without having an extra vocal element added to their productions, but Paper Tiger just seems to know what works right. The few vocal features include Dessa (Doomtree), with her amazing voice on two tracks ‘Palace’ & ‘And the Camera’ also the feature of Maggie Morrison (Lookbook Music) on ‘The Painters Arm’ breaks down the album pace nicely.

If you like to escape for 40 minutes in a sound cape of beautiful production this is the album for you. It doesn’t break musical boundaries, but something this good doesn’t need to. I know as a producer in this hip hop world I shouldn’t be writing on a blog about how another producer has created an amazing record , but I couldn’t give a shit this album is gona be played to my cd player breaks ..

p.s. if you haven't clock Doomtree , get on it !!


Mark Potter said...

2nd day back video:

Bare Beats said...

Nice one mate , will add this to the post .. B