Thursday, 26 June 2008


Some Bristolian hip hop, real nice production & tight lyrics . Definately worth a check.

1) Baby Don't Fight It
2) Hooded Yoot
3) Slowmo ft. D-Fens
4) Bogart Bob
5) Universal Mindstate
6) Drug Abusive Muses
7) Unemployment
8) Love the World
9) Poor Man's Hip-Hop
10) No Rest

QELD is jenre and Bob Savage.all tracks produced by jenre.

all lyrics by jenre and bob savage. except one verse by d-fens innit.

Monday, 2 June 2008

The double A side videos taken from Metabeats - 'Metaphysical'

Whilst some people are worrying about the demise of the goodness, Associated Minds are just focusing on having fun and making the good shit. Some tasty treats for you...

The double A side videos taken from Metabeats' heavyweight debut 'Metaphysical' LP

Live & Let Live.

F*ck With Me.

The LP is available at all good record stores or online @ HMV, iTunes, Amazon etc or direct from us nice folk at

Big up to Mayor & everyone at Associated Minds one of the best uk labels full stop.