Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Left - Gas Leaks Ep

  • Digital Album

    Immediate download of 3-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Kal Sereousz ft DM - Mandem Hustle from the album Terrorist City- Beta Version

DUBBLEDGE - AssociatedMinds Spittin Pt.7 Filmed on set at the recent shoot for the Metabeats & Dubbledge track EyeSeeYou that will be featured on Metabeats sophomore LP that is currently in production.

Antiheroes - Powdered Water

Highly anticipated music video for the brand new Antiheroes single 'Powdered Water' Blah Records 2010

Produced by : MOLOTOV
Directed by: Samuel Dematraz & Paul Walther

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Bare Beats - I Won't Sleep Again Part 1

<a href="">I Won't Sleep Again Part 1 by Bare Beats</a>

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Clarity - Over The Great Divide

One of the most slept on mc's on the UK .. If you love your lyrics and raw beats you'll love this ish .. Over The Great Divide is fully produced by Bad Habitz, one half of the Krate Krusaders .. I can't really explain how deep this really is, just go and have a listen then cop it ..

Listen to the album in full here
Buy the cd at suspect packages
The Social Distortion e.p download here !

Thursday, 2 September 2010

P.SO The Earth Tone King & 8thW1 - Suicide By Jellyfish

01. Flying Jellyfish (the Placebo) [A Decade of Flying Lotus]
02. 1,000 Deaths of Wackness ft. Likwuid and Fresh Daily [Phantogram]
03. Vintage Clothes ft. Daniel Joseph [Paul McCartney/prod. by P.SO]
04. The Colo(u)r of Dreams [Blu Open the Instrumental LP]
05. Dubstep Debauchery [Bad Brains]
06. Back 2 Back [Wolfgang/prod. by the Soundmen]
07. Glad 2 Be Unhappy [Billie Holliday/ DJ Logic remix]
08. I’m Not Over You [Chester French]
09. LOVE ft. Cion Burris [Madlib Beat Konducta]
10. Note 2 Self ft. YC the Cynic [prod. by Jinesis]
11. Fun House Mirror {in lo-fi} [Washed Out]
12. Lost [Coldplay]
13. Waking Life (Interlude)
14. Limbo [Jon Brion]

Download Bandcamp | Multiupload

Pharoahe Monch - The Thirteen Mixtape

01. Intro/Simon Says (Serv1 Blend)
02. Guerilla Monsoon Rap feat. Black Thought + Talib Kweli + Kanye West
03. Weed #1
04. Tight (Remix)
05. Metal Thangz feat. Street Smartz + O.C.
06. Talking To You feat. Rah Digga
07. Innovations feat. Saukrates
08. Tooley Crew Personified
09. Thirteen
10. My Life
11. The Healer (Remix) feat. Erykah Badu
12. Sin
13. Bring It On (Remix/Serv1 Blend)
14. Freestyle (Kay Slay) feat. Mos Def
15. Push (Serv1 Blend) feat. Showtyme + Mela Machinko + Tower Of Power*
16. Mayor
17. Rehab (Remix) feat. Amy Winehouse
18. Freestyle
19. Ill Collabo feat. Cella Dwellas + Prince Po
20. Freesyle (Stretch Armstrong Show) feat. Lord Finesse + Prince Po
21. Fudge Pudge (Serv1 J Dilla Mix)
22. Frontlines feat. El Da Sensai + F.T. + Mike Zoot
23. Loose Ends feat. Sergio Mendes + Justin Timberlake
24. Freestyle (Live w/The Roots)
25. Shine/Outro


Fashawn - Grizzly City 3

01. Grizzly City Boy (ft. Bravo & Grafik)
02. Santiago’s Revenge
03. California Streets (ft. The Jacka & Diego Redd)
04. Pass the Cohiba (freestyle)
05. The F (ft. Lil Wayne)
06. Ride & Smokin’ (ft. Night & Dirty Money)
07. Use Somebody (ft. Ron Artest)
08. G’s Up (So High)
09. 5 On My Dub
10. Bart Simpson
11. Give You All I Got
12. Midnight Groove (Freestyle)
13. Maybe Tomorrow (ft. Grafik)
14. I Can’t Go On This Way (ft. Bravo)
15. Remember the Times
16. Desperado
17. I Need to Know
18. Outro

Twitter:Fashawn on Twitter
Website:Fashawn's Website

Download Here

Monday, 26 July 2010

Paper Tiger 'Made Like Us' (Doomtree)

Producer, beat maker extraordinaire Paper Tiger of the Doomtree collective just dropped ‘Made Like Us' his debut production album. An album that blesses your ears and forces you to shut your eyes while your mind wonders beyond the daily routines of life.

Not many beat makers could get away without having an extra vocal element added to their productions, but Paper Tiger just seems to know what works right. The few vocal features include Dessa (Doomtree), with her amazing voice on two tracks ‘Palace’ & ‘And the Camera’ also the feature of Maggie Morrison (Lookbook Music) on ‘The Painters Arm’ breaks down the album pace nicely.

If you like to escape for 40 minutes in a sound cape of beautiful production this is the album for you. It doesn’t break musical boundaries, but something this good doesn’t need to. I know as a producer in this hip hop world I shouldn’t be writing on a blog about how another producer has created an amazing record , but I couldn’t give a shit this album is gona be played to my cd player breaks ..

p.s. if you haven't clock Doomtree , get on it !!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Bare Radio on Basement Sessions (102)

The latest radio show .. Get on the download or the stream and then pass this mutha on !! B

The Bare is back with seriously dope beats, rhymes and blap to keep your I-Tunes, I-Pod wielding, Hip Hop infused head nodding all day long.

Recorded 17th July 2010

Check it Out

1 Talib Kweli & Hi Tek - This World
(Talib Kweli & Hi Tek - Revolutions Per Minute)
2 The Roots - How I Got Over ft, Dice Raw
(The Roots - How I Got Over)
3 Beautful Love - Vinnie Paz
(Vinnie Paz - Season of the Assassin)
4 Exile - Population Control
(Exile - Radio)
5 Kal Sereousz - See You
(Jon Phonics - Half Past Calm 2)
6 Teardrops - Skitz ft, Taskforce
(Skitz - The Skitzman Lp)
7 Brother Ali - Tight Rope
(Brother Ali - Us)
8 Johnson & Jonson - Hold on John
(Johnson & Jonson - Powders & Oils)
9 Little Brother - So Cold ft, Chaundon
(Little Brother - Leftback)
10 Grieves ft, Cunninlynguists - Heatstroke
(Grieves - The Confessions Of Mr. Modest)
11 Kal Sereousz - Work Brain
(Kal Sereousz - Terrorist City)
12 Smokey & Bobby Drake - Live
Beat 1 . Smokey Beat 2. Flying Lotus Beat 3. Bare Smoke
13 Invisible Inc - Paradise
(Invisible Inc - The Exit Strategy)
14 Bunny Sigler - Half a Man
(Bunny Sigler - I've Always Wanted to Sing... Not Just Write Songs)
15 Looptroop - New Day
16 87 Blimmy - Mac Lethal
(Mac Lethal - Love Potions 5)
17 The Black Keys - Too Afraid to Love You
(The Black Keys - Brothers)
18 The_Roots - Right On ft, Joanna Newsome
(The Roots - How I Got Over)
19 Paper Tiger ft, Dessa - Palace
(Paper Tiger - Made Like Us)
20 Astronautalis Avalanche Patrol
(Astronautalis - Pomegranate)
21 Astronautalis - The Story of my Life ft, P.O.S
(Astronautalis - Pomegranate)

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Cyrus Malachi – The Isis Papers MixTape

No Cure Records presents Cyrus Malachi – The Isis Papers mixtape - guest starring Melanin 9 and mixed and cut by DJ Switch & DJ Furious P

The mixtape is a prelude to his debut solo album “Ancient Future” (which is to be released in the autumn of this year) and brings harrowing street tales from his life and experiences growing up in Hackney. Malachi’s fellow triple darkness and orphans of Cush member, melanin 9, features heavily on the project.

Production comes from Beat Butcha, Jon Phonics, 7th Dan, Diplamat, Blastah and Endemic as well as being mixed by No Cure Records in house DJ team of DJ Switch (current world dmc champion) & DJ Furious P (world dmc team champion), bringing that real mixtape flavour that has become scarce in recent years.

1. Intro (prod Endemic)
2. Praying mantis
3. Millennium ft Melanin 9 & Crown Nectar [Triple Darkness] (prod Beat Butcha)
4. Bloodhounds ft Melanin 9 & Crown Nectar [Triple Darkness] (prod 7th Dan)
5. The hammered bracelet ft Melanin 9
6. 1000 daggers (prod Diplimat)
7. Robin hood theory freestyle (prod Endemic)
8. Captivity’s tear
9. Lion’s den (prod Jon Phonics)
10. Feathers of Tahiti ft Melanin 9
11. Redemption
12. 7 plagues (prod Blastah beats)
13. Politikin remix feat crown nectar & melanin 9 [Triple Darkness] (prod 7th Dan)
14. Hood Novelists ft Melanin 9 & Njeri Earth
15. Hell's Gate ft Melanin 9 & Crown Nectar [Triple Darkness]

Download Usershare Net
Download Rapidshare

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Jester Jacobs - More of the Sane

A real nice free 6 track download, get it now!

1. More Of The Sane
2. Douchebag With A Guitar
3. What's The Deal
4. Tea
5. Undeground
6. Knuckle Down

Video for Douchebad With a Guitar

Unstable Fabulists - Diss Tribute

A nice lil free ep , with some serious madness from the one and only Pez, features from 777 and Leen with the production handled real nice by Damo & Irn Mnky . Nice to hear something a lil' different in the UK scene !


6 Bitters
Trolley Rage
Take You Back
Walk with a Wobble On
On the Rack
Diss Tribute
Rinsed Beats
The Knock
Staying In

Download Here

Basement Sessions

Enjoy the show and if you like what you hear please be sure to cop the beautifully presented CD for pennies!

1. Delusionists Basement Sessions Intro
2. Lazy Habits - Memory Banks f. Miss Baby Sol
3. Saukrates - Wednesday f. Mystro & Loudmouth Melvin (UK Remix)
4. The Delusionists - Digital Connects (Produced by Jon Phonics)
5. Sonny Jim - The Purple Patch Part 2 (Produced by Apa-Tight)
6. True Ingredients - Who's Next (Radio Edit)
7. The Delusionists - 12 Letters (Produced by Kelakovski)
8. The Delusionists - Nature's Way
9. Tommy Evans - Silent Mobius (Produced by Harry Love)
10. Pat D - Good Times f. Eva Lazarus
11. The Delusionists - Supa Lyrical Excursion (Tom Caruana Remix)
12. Eric Lau - For The D f. Guilty Simpson
13. Prose - Running Man
14. The Delusionists - Kill Em Wit' The Flow (Remix)
15. Mr Loop - Suburban Hustler f. Ben Black of The Delusionists

1. Red - ILL vibes
2. Asaviour & IQ - No Days Off (Akira Kiteshi Remix) Instru.
3. Apollo Brown - Spoiled Coffee
4. Kev Brown - The Crowd
5. The Delusionists - Work
6. Freddie Jackson - Strawberries
7. Jagos - Slippers & A Bomber Jacket
8. Chief - Procession
9. Red - WAYT
10. Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble - Captain Coolout
11. Pete Rock & 9th Wonder - Shine on Me

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Fashawn - Ode To Illmatic

Fashawn does a nice lil' Ode to Nas's classic album 'Illmatic' .. Fashawn album 'Boy Meets World' which dropped in 2009 is still on constant rotation bare cage .. This is a sick lil ' ode / promo thing .. Get your download on ..

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Bare Beats Freshness ...

A track taken from my forth coming ep 'I Won't Sleep Again' !! Set to drop on Takaba Records after the summer !! featuring Kemi Akinbola

A track taken from Modulok & Bare Beats 'Traffic Ep 2' Its a remix of a End Game from the Red Ants album 'Omega Point' ..

Monday, 10 May 2010

Bare Beats - Bare Radio 101

Bare 101

Back in the day before this net ish really took off, Bare Beats use to chuck out free cd's packed full of the latest underground hip hop tracks. Then the net built up and this hobby turned into a nice lil' radio show featuring some sick artists, live interviews and exclusive tracks being dropped over the year or two it was running . Time since has been taken off too make albums and grow up a bit, now Bare Beats is back on the Bare Radio / Podcast tip. This is the first show, which is just a few things Beats has been bumping lately, not all strictly hip hop now, but just good music full stop. Look out for future shows coming to you real soon...

01. Everybody Does It - LDZ
(LDZ - London Zoo EP)
02. Maaad Tight - Mudmowth ft, SonnyJim & Skamma
(Metabeat & Mudmowth - Sledgehammer Kisses)
03. Ty - Something Big ft, Carroll Thompson
(Ty - Special Kind of Fool)
04. Struggla - Skitz ft, Rodney P, Kardinall Offishal & Skibadee
(Skitz - The Sticksman)
05. Bang (Chemo Remix) - Micall Parknsun ft, Jehst
(Micall Parkinson - Everybody/Bang)
06. Speak Low - Mac Lethal
(Mac Lethal - Love Potions 5)
07. Nina Simone - I Can't See Nobody
(Nina Simone - The Essential Nina)
08. The Ecology - Fashawn
(Fashawn - Boy Meets World)
09. Love - Exile
(Exile - Radio)
10. Your Boyfriends a Coke Head - Modulok

(Modulok - Cities & Years)
11. Crew - Dessa
(Dessa - A Badly Broken Code)
12. Die For You - Mr SoS
(CunninLynguists - Strange Journey Vol 1)
13. Never Know What Love Is - Chris Harwood
(Chris Harwood - Nice to Meet Miss Christine)
14. Lost - King Midas Sound
(King Midas Sound - Waiting for You)
15. Pray for Rain - Massive Attack ft, Tunde Adebimpe
(Massive Attack - Heligoland)
16. Untitled - P.O.S ft Astronautalis
(P.O.S - Never Better)
17. Best of Times - Sage Francis
(Sage Francis - Li(f)e)
18. After Laughter (Comes Tears) - Wendy Rene
(Wendy Rene - After Laughter Comes Tears)

Rapidshare Download
Sendspace Download

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Leen - Mixtape Demo Ting

LeeN is one of the best freestyler rappers in the UK, he can basically make up full songs off the top of his head on nearly any subject. This mixtape is an introduction and reminder as to why he is also a talented and versatile lyricist.

LeeN decided to jack a couple beats of the internet and record his own versions so you may hear some stuff you recognise. All tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered at NLT Productions and serves as as good example of what you can expect if you want to make a mixtape using random MP3's from the internet.

Visit for more details.

Download Here

Dweller - The Covered Up Mixtape 2010


01 - Intro
02 - Till I Collapse
03 - Dwellamal -(Ft Rick Mal)
04 - Blow Your Mind
05 - The Wormhole
06 - Who Drops The Proper (Ft Scrabble, Ed-Xl & Evileyz)
07 - Flip The Coin (Ft J.Gusto & Jabbathakut)
08 - Beware (Ft Arfa Tunn)
09 - I Feel (Ft Trick)
10 - Back To The Days (Ft Gadget)
11 - My Life
12 - My Corona
13 - Outro

Simple Samples Youtube
Oragnix Myspace


Jon Phonics - Half Past Calm 2

This is big !! Download it and pass this ish around !!

1. Intro
2. Raw Ingredients (Feat. Cyrus Malachi & Jehst)
3. Buried Below The Ground (Feat. Micall Parknsun)
4. Pump (Feat. Fliptrix, Sonnyjim, Ramson Badbonez &...
5. Spirit Of The Golden Sun (Feat. 9 Planets)
6. Phonetically Obba (Feat. Obba Supa & Evil Ed)
7. Tug The Rope (Feat. Melanin 9)
8. Wrong Way (Feat. Prophet)
9. The Other Guy (Feat. Kosyne)
10. I See You (Feat. Kal Sereousz)
11. Dark Days (Feat. Fliptrix & Jam Baxter)
12. Mind Over Matter (Feat. Verb T & Kashmere)
13. Rabbit Jab (Feat. Masikah)
14. Road Rage (Feat. Nasheron & Melanin 9 of Triple ...
15. Changes (Feat. T-Bear & Yasine)

Radpidshare Download Here

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Best of Devin The Dude mixed by Dj Eleven

He's one slick dude, and thanks to for dropping this little gem on the interwebs . He's got a new album dropping soon so go cop that ish !!

The Dude
It’s A Shame feat. Pooh Bear
Ain’t That A B-tch feat. UGK
F-ck Faces feat. Scarface & Too $hort
I Don’t Chase Em’ feat. Snoop Dogg
Thinkin’ Boutchu
I Can’t Make It Home
Where Can We Go
Fa Sho (P-ssy) feat. The Odd Squad
Your P-ssy’s Like Dope feat. The Odd Squad
Just A Man feat. Raphael Saadiq
Baby Phat feat. De La Soul
Dime A Dozen feat. CoughEE Brothaz
She Useta Be
What A Job feat. Andre 3000
F-ck You feat. Snoop Dogg
R & B (Reefer & Beer)
Too Cute feat. Erica Morton
The Mule feat. Z-Ro
Southside: Houston Texas feat. Scarface
Back Up Plan feat. Chamillionaire
4 O’Clock In Da Morning feat. Mddl Fngz & Bun B
Lacville ‘79
Doobie Ashtray
Sticky Green feat. Scarface
Do Whatcha Wanna Do

Download Here

You can find buy links & all his tour dates at

Mr . Boss - The Landing

‘The Landing’ is a free download LP from 18 year old London based producer Mr Boss. The album features many well known UK artists such as Dr Syntax, Sonny Jim and Skrein, as well as many others up and coming…

1.Sonny Jim – The Landing
2.Dirty Dike - Plenty More Piss In The Toilet
3.Them Lot – Young and Foolish
4.PrymarySource/Skrein – Armageddon
5.Freedom – Unknown Zone
6.Delusionists – Poison
7.Yosh/Cherri Prince - Gutter Puddles
8.Dr Syntax – Careful What You Wish For
9.JakaBoski - Bonzai Interlude
10.Chango Flash – Understand
11.Sandman - The Unknown
12.JakaBoski/Freedom/JollyJay – The Death of Music

Download Here

Twitter ! Myspace

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

TY 'Something Big' 2010 MixTape

One of the sickest artists form the UK full stop !! Get this bumping now !!

Full Tracklist

01 Skit - Intro
02 Break The Lock - TY
03 Dont Watch That - TY
04 Worldwide - Funky DL (ft TY) Hot Mix
05 Down For The Count - Reflection Eternal (ft TY & Blak Twang) UK version
06 Skit (Ghetto Yout)
07 Hey There - 2000 Black aka Dego & Kaidi Tatham (ft TY)
08 Skit (Space Monkey)
09 Phantom Of The Opera - TY (ft Anthony Mills)
10 Me - TY (ft Erik Rico)
11 Pick It Up - Nathan Haines (ft TY) Submariner remix
12 Dont Push Me - Tettory Bad (ft TY)
13 Groovement - TY
14 Emotions - TY (ft Sarina Leah & Shaun Escoffery) Album version
15 Heart Full Of You - Robert Mitchell (ft TY & Deborah Jordan)
16 Keep On - Bone Idols (ft TY & Aphletik)
17 Woman To Man - Tony Allen (ft TY)
18 Can’t Help Myself - The Bamboo’s (ft TY)
19 Legacy - Zion I (ft TY & Jennifer Johns)
20 When Robots Go To War - TY (ft Motet) Daz I Kue remix
21 Wait A Minute - TY (Dwele remix)
22 Emotions - TY (Waajeed remix)
23 Style & Pattern - John Arnold (ft TY)
24 The Way We Like It - Natalie Williams (ft TY & Eska)
25 The Idea - TY (ft De La Soul’s Pos & Dave)
26 Outro

Download Here

Monday, 15 March 2010

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Karl Hinds - Ether 2010

Ive had mad respect for Karl over the last ten years , he's put in the graf and is miles in front of these new heads who are just coming in thinking this shits easy to make a living off . . . This is response to some dude saying he was washed up on some dissing people to get noticed flex . . .

Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Kemistry - The Jumble Ep (Free Download)

The Kemistry have just dropped a freebie ep, with some previously released tracks and some new demo type tracks .. I can't big this up too much without sounding like a self promoting arse hole, so just download it, drop it on ya ipod, laugh at the artwork & have a listen and see what ya think fo ya self's .. Pz ..

01 . Window - The Tour EP
02 . mascot - The Kemistry EP
03 . Plugin Baby - Promo
04 . The Core Live - The Tour EP
05 . Shrinking Fear - The Kemistry EP
06 . The Mosquito Song - Cover Demo
07 . The Craving - Album Demo

The Kemistry Bio

The East London duo of vocalist/songwriter Kemi and Producer/Beat maker Bare Beats magnificently blend two disparate pools of musical influences and differences to create a new sounds that defies simple categorisation.

As journalists have attempted to slap ‘trip-hop’, ‘down tempo dub’, ‘dub’ and many more, the truth is the only way to describe The Kemistry sound is to call it...The Kemistry sound.

Rocking shows with a live backing band and frequently collaboration with MCs, The Kemistry have created and intense buzz in the UK underground music scene, solidified with the release of their 2009 EP 'The Tour', and their follow up single 'The Core'

The Kemistry Myspace
The Kemistry Facebook

Download Here

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Dessa - 'A Badly Broken Code' (Doomtree)

An amazing voice filled with amazing poetry and by far superior production from your average record, you can hear the Doomtree sound filter all the way through this. I think its going be one of the album’s that stay with you for the rest of life as it just works. I’d say order this ish and support some amazing talent.

This can be ordered direct from Doomtree for $15.98 (£10.27) including postage to the UK !!

Buy Here

Monday, 22 February 2010

Clarity - Social Distortion EP

The Krate Krusaders Present; Clarity-'The Socail Distortion EP

1 Enemies Skit
2 Singular Thread
3 The Book of Creation
4 Shalom
5 All in the mind
6 Sum Skit
7 Smile
8 Shalom Remix

Download Here

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Beastie Boys - Brooklyn Dust (Jimbo Jones Mix)

Jimbo Jones hits the interweb with another amazing mix this time its all about the Beastie Boys, which for the older heads is something that will back them memories ..

Exclusive blends, some classic remixes, some guest spots, a couple of hard-to-find demos / alternate versions and some guest appearances from Def Squad, Q-Tip, Nas, Jay-Z, De La Soul, Milk D and B-Real.

The Beastie Boys Mixtape
(exclusive blends marked with a *)

1. Intro
2. *Too Many Haters ft Nas
3. Root Down (Prunes remix)
4. *Rhyme Nostalgia
5. Body Movin (Def Squad remix) ft Erick Sermon, Redman + Biz Markie
6. *NY Scientists
7. Get It Together (Buckwild remix) ft Q-Tip
8. *Right Now Feel The Horns
9. Gratitude
10. Sabotage
11. Remote Control
12. *Disturbed Word
13. Squat - De La Soul ft Mike D + Adrock
14. Intergalactic ('94 demo)
15. *Jay-Unit
16. 4 Fly Guys ft Hurricane
17. *Insane B-Boys
18. Jay-Z Live Interlude
19. No Sleep Till Brooklyn (original mix)
20. 99 Problems (Just Blaze blend) - Jay-Z
21. *Stop That Black Mag
22. So What'cha Want? (Soul Assassins remix) ft B-Real
23. *Three The Nubian Way
24. *NY We Go Hard
25. Ricky's Theme
26. Shake Your Rump / Madlib remix
27. *Police Negotiation
28. *Turn Alive
29. *Ooh-Wee Check It
30. *Triple Rappers Delight ft Sugarhill Gang
31. *Me, Myself + My Lifestyle
32. Once Around The Corner (The Fowl Song)
33. Fight For Your Right To Party (alternate lyrics mix)
34. Something's Got To Give

Download BROOKLYN DUST here
Check more of Jimbo here : Jimbo Jones Blog

Monday, 1 February 2010

Jay Electornica - Victory Mix Tape

One of the sickest mix tapes from last year .. You need to grab this !!

Exhibit B Feat Mos Def
Walking J. Period Remix Feat Nneka
So What Cha Sayin
Scenario 2004
Something To Hold Onto
Poetry Interlude
Cool Relax feat Naledge
Trolley Stop
My World
Hard to Get feat Mr Porter
Extra Extra
Victory in my clutches
Swagger Jackson's Revenge
Just Begun - feat J. Cole,Talib Kweli & Mos Def
Uzi weighs a ton
Love czars feat Taraach
Posers Feat The New Royales
Billy Stewart - Cross My Heart
Exhibit C
Googly Eyes (LIVE)
Holiday feat Mos Def
***Bonus Track***
T.H.E. W.E.A.K. - Stick Up

Download Here

Bare Beats - Soundcloud

Latest tracks by barebeats

Donnie Propa Present - The Best of Scorzayzee

Whether or not you're familiar with scor-zay-zee's stuff, you need this in your life !! One of the best mc's in the world ..

1. Archery (Produced by DJ Fever)
2. Wishmaster (Produced by DJ Fever)
3. The Looniest (Produced by Cappo)
4. We Dont Care (Produced by DJ Fever)
5. Raw (Produced by Nick Dimes Sterrett + Big Trev)
6. Bang Your Head (Produced by DJ Vadim)
7. Freestyle Frenzy (Produced by Joe Buhdha)
8. Want Whats Yours (Produced by Styly Cee)
9. 3 Wize Men (Produced by DJ Fever)
10. Reality (Accapella)
11. Freestyle (With Lee Ramsay + Karizma) (Produced by DJ Fever)
12. Blueberry Dreamhaze (Produced by Cappo)
13. The Beginning Of The End (With Lee Ramsay) (Produced by DJ Fever)
14. Accakela (With Lee Ramsay + Killa Kela)
15. Try (Produced by Nick Stez)
16. 3 Kings (Produced by The P Brothers)
17. Speak (With Cappo) (Produced by The Akai Professionals)
18. Take A Journey (With Sophie Johnson Hill) (Produced by Nick Stez + Big Trev)
19. No Pain, No Gain (With Cappo) (Produced by Styly Cee)
20. Mic Life (Produced by The Labratz)

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Takaba Records - Compilation (Free Album)

Yo ! Coming straight outta Toronto , London & Japan . Takaba Records has just compiled a nice free download of tracks from its current rosta .. Some serious underground hip-hop also some mad marmite type ish ...

18 tracks deep . Featuring Apollo Creed, Baracuda, Noah24, Abiade, The Kemistry, Modulok, Bare Beats, Abyss, Bourgeoies Cyborgs, Omid, and Guthrie .

Download that ish here : Takaba Downloads

Tuesday, 12 January 2010



1- burial -gutted
2- twinkle brothers - since I threw the comb away
3- blockhead - the strain
4- jahtari riddim force - enchantier
5- roots manuva - strange behaivour
6- ed west & toxin - ghetto yute
7- burning spear - black wadada
8- ghost - the day after
9- beats antique feat lynx & janover - she's looking for something
10- chords feat ranto boko - knockin on my door
11- kidkanevil - yuki's hometown hifi
12- disrupt - samuri showdown
13- paul white - wait for me
14- beat3 - peace sometimes
15- aesop rock - tomorrow morning
16- el-p - dirtier than thou
17- promoe - do fit haffe fit
18- gift of gab feat del the funky homosapien - dreamin
19- chukki star - one day(my time shall come)
20- edit - ants
21- yarah bravo - you are yours
22- paul white - the dragon fly
23- aku fen - don't joke with your life
24 - xzibit - at the speed of life

recorded @ momt studios using Ableton live on 05/01/10 & co-produced by Quarter sized . limited edition of 100 hand numbered cd version with artwork by Zoe Darnell coming soon.

Download Here

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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Gadget - Still Digging Remix EP

The one and only Gadget has flipped a couple of US bangers and given them he's own laid back
sound .. Some proper niceness here .. Check it out !!

All tracks produced by Gadget for Millennium Jazz Music 2010 ©

1. M.O.P vs Inspector Gadget flip: Ante Up Remix
Original produced by DJ Premier / Shuki Levy

2. J-Live: Whoever Remix
Original produced by J-Live (vocals were shifted on purpose)

3. Talib Kweli & Bahamadia: Choas Remix
Original produced by DJ Hi-Tek

4. Edo G & JaySaun: Pay The Price Remix [fully composed/no samples]
Original produced by Pete Rock

5. Jay-Z: Threats Remix
Original produced by 9th Wonder

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Monday, 4 January 2010

Blu - The Godlee Barnes LP 2010 + Inst LP

To start the new year, Blu has dropped this hour and ten minute mix tape all on one mp3 .. This shit is serious as long as you can get your head around the sound quality which is very poor ... All produced by Godlee Barnes which is Blu's producer name, search the net for more info ..

06_Grandma’sKitchen (CypherByFamRep’sDa1&SirJoseph).#
07_Difficulties(Feat.CashUsKingAndFamRep’sSirJoseph&R.O.B.) (SpokenWordbyNiles).#

Blu - theGODleeBarnes(lp) - Seperated Tracks Version
Rapidshare Link - One MP3 Version

Blu - Open (the Instrumental LP)

a nice lil' inst album strapped by Blu , some tough beats on this ..


01_No Worries(They Gonna Love U Baby)
02_Good Grace(Let Us Thank Him For This Food)
03_RAw!(As Hard As It Gets)
04_the Run Away Slave Song

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