Thursday, 2 September 2010

P.SO The Earth Tone King & 8thW1 - Suicide By Jellyfish

01. Flying Jellyfish (the Placebo) [A Decade of Flying Lotus]
02. 1,000 Deaths of Wackness ft. Likwuid and Fresh Daily [Phantogram]
03. Vintage Clothes ft. Daniel Joseph [Paul McCartney/prod. by P.SO]
04. The Colo(u)r of Dreams [Blu Open the Instrumental LP]
05. Dubstep Debauchery [Bad Brains]
06. Back 2 Back [Wolfgang/prod. by the Soundmen]
07. Glad 2 Be Unhappy [Billie Holliday/ DJ Logic remix]
08. I’m Not Over You [Chester French]
09. LOVE ft. Cion Burris [Madlib Beat Konducta]
10. Note 2 Self ft. YC the Cynic [prod. by Jinesis]
11. Fun House Mirror {in lo-fi} [Washed Out]
12. Lost [Coldplay]
13. Waking Life (Interlude)
14. Limbo [Jon Brion]

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