Thursday, 1 May 2008

Tor - Beatz in the Capital

- Jacked from Certified Bangers Blogspot . Check it out some real nice info and samples on there, plus this sick free release from Tor . Pz . Beats

More free music! This is really catching on innit? This is a promotional tool for Tor's forthcoming long player, and by golly, I must just buy it so impressive is this mixdownload (it aint or tape or CD). 'Beats International: Journey To The Album' is apparently due to drop in June so we can all save our pennies and bump this until then. 'Beatz...' is nice introduction to the East London born MC. There are some 'freestyles' (read 'verses over other beats') and some remixes and together these make for a showcase of her skills.

Beats are chosen well; my favourite has to be her wonderful take on Wu-Tang's 'M.E.T.H.O.D. Man' and tracks from Lupe, Baby J and TI also get blessed. The remix of 'Strivin' by DJ Mentat is top class stuff and it features a pretty chilled out Klashnekoff. Faith SFX also busts some beatboxing as Tor raps quite jawdroppingly on 'Faith SFX Jam'. Following Bashy's success with 'Black Boy's' Tor has recorded, yes you guessed it, 'Black Girls' and its proper.

If you're in Japan you get to pick up the album next month but this mix should be enough for you now. And please don't be put off by the fact she's a female. I know there aren't many good ones but there are a few and Tor is one of them. Take notice of this girl because she out-raps most of your favourite MC's. Respect.

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Aidan said...

Cheers for the link up! Just d/l'ing thos loki tunes. Will check the release you sent me too!