Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Hand'Solo Presents : Hokey Religions & Ancient Weapons

Hand'Solo Records have just released their first mixtape... With a mix of classics and exclusives, this mixtape is perfect as an introduction to Hand'Solo Records or as a supplement to those already familiar with the label. Give the mixtape a listen, and if you like it pass the link around...

Featuring : Buck 65, Sixtoo, Moka Only, Word Burgurglar, Epic, Touch, Eternia, More of Les, Birdapres, Tachichi, Ira Lee, Noah 23, Fritz the Cat, Mindbender, Vangel, Jesse Dangerously, Modulok, Lexington, Fortunato, Royce Birth, Royal T, Dis4bled, Bucket of Gold Teeth, Eczircles, Big Ref, CasIno, Esh, Megalynk 4, Myf, Suika and the return of Knowelf and Mackenzie.

You need to check this out some serious hip hop . Much respect to Hand'Solo for the freeness.


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