Thursday, 24 July 2008

Bare Beats 'A Spare Minute'

1. WhatUp Intro
2. Bad Men Like Nice ft, Modulok
3. Psychic Dictatorship Remix ft, Modulok
4. Insomia Remix ft, Modulok
5. Keep Me Awake Remix ft, 777
6. Can't Turn the Hands Back ft, Beit Nun
7. Mascot ft, Kemi & Smokey
8. Turn ft, Smokey

With the up and coming release of Modulok & Bare Beats 'Two Cities', Beats is dropping a free promo cd & digital download of some exclusive tracks and remixes. 8 Tracks deep, this mini album is straight up head nodding magic, Beats keeping it raw & gritty as always with all the mc’s fitting the project tightly.

Bare Beats & Modulok 'Two Cities'

Street Release 5th August 2008 / Digital Release 26th August 2008

Check Modulok & Beats Myspace for more info .

Bare Records

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