Monday, 1 September 2008

Clarity - The Propaganda Pulse

Clarity is a sick mc and the production is really nice , here's a lil' blurb that I nicked from a post on UKHH

Ok here we have the debut LP from the SFDB veteren Clarity. After a 4 year hiatus uk rapper Clarity returns with his long antisipated debut LP the Propaganda Pulse. The concept of the album works well with the dark style of beats which have all been crafted by the Krate Krusaders for this project. The album features guest spots from Farma G of the uk supergroup TaskForce, northern rapper and zebra traffic veteran Cappo, Conrad Watts and Louis Bostonne from Cardiff based label SFDB (rip), Devi from allied forces and Danz an up and comming kent based rapper!

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