Friday, 18 January 2008

Scatabrainz 'Moonlight Music'

Bring Da Ruckus is a web site providing free Scottish hip hop . I grabbed this the other day, and its a sick lil' cd real chill out hip hop, check out the rest of their site some serious heavy stuff . Pz

Bring Da Ruckus Site

1. Intro
2. Govinda
3. Zone Out
4. Lookin Up
5. Luna Synthesis
6. Life is a Dance ft Marrick Layden Deft
7. Unearthly (skit)
8. Across The Room ft Loki
9. Moodiswarm
10. Light (remix) ft Ash Promise
11. Expect Nothing
12. Cold World ft Krash Slaughta
13. Without You
14. Time To Meditate
15. Chillin'strumental
16. Fantastic Planet
17. Outro

Scatabrainz 'Moonlight Music'


bringdaruckus said...

Glad you liked it don't miss the fact that there's loads of other Scottish hip hop on that site which can be downloaded FREE

Anonymous said...

easy man, this site is a good idea.. need to have an email address or "submit release" thing on the front page tho I couldnt find where to contact you .. was gonna suggest putting our podcasts on here ... the track lists and every thing are on that site .. feel free to copy n paste / link etc .. theres a lot of exclusive tracks from uk artists on there .. on a personal level Evil Dee's podcats are regular bumps by me.. .. and I'll have some full compilation and mix CD links for you soon .. Peace Reality? .. ..

Bare Beats said...

To get in contact e-mail .

Anonymous said...

qualtiy, cheers for hookin this up man -peace-

Anonymous said...

nice 1 man,cheers for hookin this up. -peace-