Friday, 3 October 2008

Just Above The Blues

OK so here it is... the 'Just Above The Blues' EP . This small project is a collaboration between Millennium Jazz Music & No Long Ting Productions as they bring you an EP inspired by the very unfortunate going ons with many of our young people that live and die by gun and knife crime.

01 Prevention Enforcement & Punishment (Intro) - Feat Gadget
02 Death Pours - Feat LeeN MSJ Klarity Ama & KyraUK
03 Free Our Minds - Feat Klarity Serocee & KyraUK
04 Idle Minds - Feat Serocee LeeN & KyraUK
05 Finding Me (Outro) - Feat Gadget

All tracks produced by Gadget for Millennium Jazz Music
All tracks mixed and mastered by J-LeeN for No Long Ting Productions
except track 05, mixed by Gadget.

All graphics designed by Fraser Lyness for Millennium Jazz Music

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