Monday, 12 January 2009

Dan Bull 'Safe' - Album OUT NOW!!!

I heard Dan Bull a few years back and I was shocked then about how he mixed underground hip hop with a real pop indie feel . I thought in a few years he'd be on the radio smashing it up and maybe watering down his content to suit the pop market . But instead I get an e-mail saying my albums done, what do you think ? To be honest I was completely shocked , from the overall concept , sound and musical production it took me to another place . No watering down on subjects, and Dan's laid back flow and delivery still blended perfectly .

This is one release that the UK can't sleep on , check the links below about purchasing the album and the free mp3 download and my fellow bloggers reviews who can write 100 times better then me .

If you live in the UK, you can mail order the album on CD for £5 [free p&p] here:

If you live outside the UK, you'll be able to mail order CD copies in the very near future from:

You can also download the album for free in mp3 format [128 kbps] from:

High quality digital downloads from sites such as iTunes, Amazon and Napster will be available soon.

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