Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Beardy Wonda LP - Leaked Tracks

Here’s a quick heads up on the next Eat Good Records release. The highly anticipated CD, “Tha Bearded Wonda” is entirely comprised of original material and features some of the countries most talented emcees including SONNYJIM, KOSYNE and also new up and coming emcees including *S.K*, *JIMMY DAVIS* and *SAM STEALTH*. With Production from rising stars such as KELAKOVSKI, *JON PHONICS*, *ROEG DU CASQ*, *DARREN PAUL* and more.

Tha Bearded Wonda L.P contains 21 tracks. 2 tracks have been leaked for your hungary heads out there!

The first track is entitled *"AGENCY SCUM"* Produced by *KELAKOVSKI*

The second track is entitled *"BAD MANNAZ"* Produced by *JON PHONICS* featuring *S.K* and *SAM STEALTH*

This release will be available in Novemebr 2009 @ EATGOODRECORDS All good records stores and on CD/DIGITAL format.

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