Friday, 16 October 2009

Ralph Rip Shit & Stophe 'OCDC Vol I'

Ralph Rip Shit. Where does one start? His favourite emcee was Sean Price. He rhymes about sex a lot. Correction, he rhymes about his dick a lot. He shouts emcees into their socks. His imagination is out of control. He’s quite sensitive but he makes fun of the blind. He really doesn’t give a fuck.
After making his name as one half of The Breaknecks his ‘Best Name’ 12″ landed him onto the scene in a big way. Featuring production from the countries finest – Apollo, Benn Grymm, Secondson & Sam Rockwell and even a hidden bonus track from Metabeats it’s on some jam packed classic 12″ business. It had much love from heads and critics alike…
He's just upped a free album to the net , some really heavy nice laid back beats using some nice classic breaks and Ralph smashing the shit out of it like usual ..

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