Friday, 21 January 2011

TPS Family - Freshly Dug

TPS Family are crew outta south London's Croydon, so I assumed this crew were gona be gash from the start ..

But I have to admit I was wrong, some killer tunes on the little cd.. Production is held up tight on the boombap front , but its got a modern twist in some places but doesn't go away from that raw nice sound, that heads are always addicted too when done properly .

The three main mc's all hold it down nice , sick flows and some straight up honest lyrics no gimmicks and no glamour just straight forward rapping with bare charisma . Also a seriously nice feature from one of my favourite mc's Hoyx who use to be one of the mc's from Dark Circle back in the days when Jazz Fudge where still running.

I don't usually rate ish but I'd say this is a good 7 outta of 10 , shame this crew is being a lil slept on in UK hip hop scene but people won't be sleeping forever.

TPS Family Site

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