Wednesday, 11 February 2009

777 - Interview

Ez all, thought its about time I started do some more ish on my blog then just posting up links to free shit . 777 just dropped his demo cd so I thought I'd see whats up with the Telford geezer!

Whats ya name ?? and where ya from ??

I'm 777 and I come from Telford in Shropshire (West Midlands). I've been rapping about 4 years and producing for two of those.

So your promoting your solo debut project, let us know some details ??
My first release is called Septimal Volume 1. I'm plugging it as a demo cd rather than an album as it is a collection of my best work to date and not a coherent, focussed album as such. The purpose here is to get heard and stop sitting on material! I've had great feedback so far so please cop it from all the usual digital haunts or on cd from my myspace/paypal!

So its dropping on Innit Records , how did you hook up with them ??

Well I've known Beit Nun (Innit Records owner) for a couple of years now. We've had mutual appreciation for each others music for a while and when he learned I was looking for a label to put out releases on, we went for it! It was a sensible progression for me to go through someone I trust and whom I know checks for my music out of preference rather than necessity. He's been fundamental in helping and encouraging me and also has many great connections musically.

Who’s handling the production on it??
Well I've got a three on the cd myself,a handfull by Wizard (LDBB), a couple from Milton Keynes producer Zaheer, Esyoube (Text Offenders), Baron Samedi, Redmaster and others....Some old Don called Bare Beats also made a remix for me, which rather bangs Sir haha!
Whats your thoughts on the scene & where its heading??
Hmm I could waffle about this for hours so I'll try and keep it concise! I think the Hip Hop scene in the UK is healthier than it's ever been right now. The latest releases that are filtering through now are of an extremely high standard and could be held up to represent proudly on a world scale. And the amazing thing is most of us work in offices and factories by day and still have the motivation to create great music completely off our own backs. That said I try not to think of it as a "scene" as such. I think it's a little naive to box yourself into this "I'm a rapper and these 1000 fans are my market" type attitude. That attitude (in my opinion) holds people back from trying other avenues and genres for exposure and thus ostricises the rest of the wold population as a potential market.
I see your dropping it digital as well, do you think the new digi world is starting to kill off the cd??
There's two sides to that really. I think legal downloads are a great thing as you can buy individual tracks rather than spending 12 quid on 11 tracks you don't like for the 1 you do! People are still shifting cd's as there will always be those (myself included) who love the entire artistic package that a cd offers. In that respect legal downloads sit nicely alongside cd's and bottom line, simply offer even more outlets! On the flipside of that, illegal downloads are not helping any of us...
What you got dropping next??
Crickey, how long have you got?! I'm one half of a duo called Amass Hegemony alongside label mate Beit Nun. We've just completed recording of a promo ep entitled "Red Raw" that will be free to all in a few weeks! This one is done in conjunction with Pez from Skrimshank and also featues Dan Bull and we're gonna use it to build hype for a fully pressed up ep later this year. I'm also deep into a further ep with Gouki Productions on the beats due for download 7/7/9. I'm also part of a collective called Unstable Fabulists and our ep is being mixed right now so stay tuned for that one! On a solo tip I will have an ep entitled 777: Bipolarity which will de dropping late this year on cd and digi download too. So I'm keeping proper busy!

Shouts & bulls**t?? Plus can you introduce this free download track !!!
Yeah man, shouts out to the boss man Beit Nun, fellow mic psycho Pez, Mr Dan Bull, Baron Samedi, Zaheer, Gouki, Redmaster and big Wizard. This last one is called Revelations, produced by Redmaster also featuring his awsome flow!Last track( Revelations)

Free Tracks !
777 's Choice : - Revelations ft, Redmaster
Bare Beats Choice : - The Man

Amass Hegemony Myspace

Also I gotta say while you check the free tracks here and you grab his album of Itunes ect, you need to check trebs mypace page for a fresh track he just posted up call 'Why' produced by Wizard . One of my favourite tracks to come 7's, he comes on a such an honest note it leaves you with goose bumps, you seriously cannot sleep on this.

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