Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Certified Banger Presents: 'On The Radar Volume 2' - VA

Certified Banger Presents: 'On The Radar Volume 2' - VA (free download)

The people @ Certified Bangers have put together another compilation of UK Hip Hop & pushing it all for free . Check their site for more info on the artists and links to the artists . Track 7 All I Wana Do has gotta be my favourite Hip Hop track of the year, funny as fuck . Grab it and show support to the artists your feeling that have shit out. Pz . Beats .

Download now!
1) Certified Banger Exclusive - JVF Clique (produced by Pappa Doc)
2) Coming For The Game ft. Jay Madden, Chris L & Assa - Jut
3) Dr. Who ft. Dan Bull, Mrs. Pez & Jimmy Crack – Skrimshank (produced by Damo)
4) Respect Your Elders ft. Remus - Krate Krusaders
5) Life Is Real - Antidote (produced by Pro P)
6) Truth Or Lie – TLG (produced by Eyebs)
7) All I Wanna Do - Chima Anya
8) Real Life Drama - The Three Amigos (produced by Naive)
9) Final Frontier - Grit Grammar (produced by Baron Samedi)
10) After Life - Dan Bull
11) Drama - Joker Starr (produced by G Man)
12) See I Realise ft. Anneke – MasterSystem (produced by Whys)
13) Gully - Asaviour & Apa-Tight
14) The Title - Dabbla (produced by Miss Tofelees)
15) Mimsey Grove - Gouki P (produced by Ants & Jut)
16) Subhuman Nature ft. Darkstar - Antiheroes (produced by Reklews)
17) Rugged Bros ft. Lowercase - Chattabox (produced by Sober)
18) Dark Matter (Remix) - Simple Samples (produced by Dweller)
19) Crop Circles ft. Circle Makerz - King David (produced by Safron)
20) Family Life ft. Cipher Jewels – Reggiimental (produced by DJ Konn)

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