Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Kemistry - The Tour EP

The Kemistry have been together for just over a year and after the departure of the groups MC ‘Smokey’, the remaining duo (Kemi & Bare Beats) have knuckled down to embellish on their sound putting together the perfect avant-garde, multi-genre EP.

This EP, 'The Tour EP' is an accomplished combination of intelligent, honest lyrics, written and sung by Kemi, concocted with haunting bass and undertones, provided by abstruse beat maker; Bare Beats.

Listen to all the tracks @ The Kemistry Myspace

01 . Zombies
02. Window
03. The Core Live ft, Modulok
04. Plugin Baby
05. Thieves
06. Non Destruction

Digital Release drops 24th August 2009 - Excluding Plugin Baby
Grab a copy here : The Kemistry Web Site
Here every track here : The Kemistry Myspace

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